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What's new?

  • High score and stats system. The player is now scored on their performance in the game, arcade style. When the player dies, they are able to review the floors they traveled, enemies they killed, and coins they collected, which factor into a score. The game remembers your highest score, even after you close it.
  • A lot more juice in the death screen.
  • The player can now deflect projectiles with their sword! They are no longer at the mercy of inaccessible ranged enemies.
  • The exit is no longer shown on the minimap to push players to explore.
  • Adjustments to lighting.
    • The player now lights up an area around them, and the environment is slightly more contrasted. This was to address feedback about low contrast.
    • Bombs and bosses now have lights. They are a lot more visible now.
  • Enemy death animation and sound.
  • Player damaged sound.
  • Item collection sounds.
  • Attack sounds:
    • The sword audio no longer plays when the player doesn't fulfill the sword animation.
    • The upgraded fireball does not play its sound 3 times.
  • Additional things to purchase in the shop (which is now a separate object that spawns after a boss dies):
    • Sword upgrade: do more damage!
    • Potions: carry these around to heal health any time!
  • Bombs now do damage to the bosses.
  • Bosses have been nerfed; they no longer take as long to kill, and their only purpose now is to serve as an obstacle before reaching the shop. Their behaviors have stayed the same as we ran out of time to implement any additional attacks.
  • Non-slime enemies no longer do damage on contact, as this made using the sword very impractical.
  • Multiple bug fixes:
    • Dialogue in the introduction should now be perfectly functional.
    • There was a critical gamebreaking bug where the player would be teleported out of a boss room and into a regular level with no enemies and the boss in the center. This should be fixed.
    • Improvements to performance.
  • Changes to player controls. Rather than using items with Z and switching them with X, C is now bound to the sword, X bound to the spell, and Z bound to collectables. The reasoning for this is to address the feedback and observation that players often don't explore all weapons just because of the inconvenience of switching between them.

    • The tutorial has been updated to explain this.


The goal was address final pieces of feedback, as well as to polish the game and provide a little more incentive to the player to explore and continue playing the game (stats and high score, etc). All critical bugs that have been brought to our attention have been addressed and fixed. The game now runs smoothly.

What's next?

The showcase! Thank you so much for your patience. Despite the many challenges we faced this semester, we hope we've made a game that we can be proud of.

Install instructions

Download angels-descent.zip. There is a build for both windows and MacOS. Be sure to read CREDITS.docx!


angels_descent.zip 69 MB

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